attaching figures to kandi?

a_jesters_fun 5/13/2021 07:40 am 134

i have a couple skylanders i wish to put on kandi (one on a necklace the other on a cuff if i can), the only problem is i dont know how one would attach a figure to kandi. I have put a little stuffed animal on a necklace but that time i simply sewed a bead to the head. any help is appreciated kao happy.

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May 13, 2021 9:48 am

Maybe tie smaller bits (like arms) to the cuff.

May 13, 2021 8:09 am

If it has a head and neck [lol] then tie the string around the neck under the head

May 13, 2021 7:56 am

if you have a lighter or a candle, heat up the sharp part of a needle (It has to be pretty pointy so be careful) and stick it through the figure. make sure its super hot so it kind of melts the plastic as it goes through the figure.