buggy06 5/12/2021 07:49 am 66

hi im new to this website so I wanted to just make some friends bc all of you are pretty cool people :0)

Yo im James, im a dude and I mostly go by he/him prns but all of my prns are here

15 / INFP-T / pisces / ADHD, Autism, MDD (im working through it! its getting better), GAD

im not cishet I just dont like talking about what I am lol

Likes/Interests: wayneradiotv + the others (scorpy, holly etc), FNF, roller coasters, theme parks (roller coasters and theme parks are my special interest please talk to me about them omg), spongebob, kandi, drawing, impractical jokers, parappa the rapper, true crime, bugs, animals, insects, dragons, birds, these emojis on this site omg dancehappylaugh

Games I like: FNF, parappa the rapper, DDLC, animal crossing, minecraft, FNAF, TF2, overwatch, and a lot of others lol (add me on steam if u wanna play w me)

Favorite artists/bands: She Wants Revenge, icp, two door cinema club, rob zombie (I like rock/alt metal music mostly)

please be atleast 11-17 years of age lol

if you wanna be friends im mostly active on discord!! buggy#5466

emoji spam bc theyre so fun
squirtlemariocarraccoontini rabbitcheershockedcoolkao lolkao blankkao madkao sadkao yeskao nokao smilekao confuseddancehappylaughscaredshockshrugblush

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May 12, 2021 8:36 am

hello !! u seem super cool i'd love to be friends my discord is warm frog#1606 if u want 2!!