fRiEnDs? :o3

gAmZeE_mAkArA 5/11/2021 07:53 am 200

[[i'M nOt GoNnA uSe My TyPiNg QuIrK fOr ThIS PoSt, To MaNy WoRdS :'o/ ]]

Hello!! My names Dave >:oD I use he/honk/rams pronouns and i am 13 years old!

I'm pansexul aromantic [i think????] and a transguy :o00

My main interests are homestuck, Undertale, sally face, south park, and of course kandi! :o]

some artists i like are ICP, The Garden, Penelope Scott, Mccafferty, The Front Bottoms, lemon demon, and tally hall.

My discord is VulgarMushroom[VM] but i'm currently grounded so i wont be able to respond on there.

my tiktok is @tavros_makara

other social media is on my profile


11-15 years old, no older or younger :o)

member of the lgbtq community


into most or some of the same shit im into!!

trans or anyone who isnt cishet :o)

yeah thats it

here are my kins in order of how hard I kin them!!!!

Homestuck kins:

gamzee makara//homestuckdancehappy

tavros nitram//homestuck

Jade Harley//homestuck

Aradia Megido//homestuck

Dave Strider//homestucksunglasses

Nepeta Lejion//homestuck

Kanaya MAryam// homestuck

non homestuck kins:


Butters//south park

Kenny//south park


dipper pines/ gravity falls

Larry Fisher //sally facesunglasses

I think kins can tell you a lot about a person????????

god i love these emoji things so muchshrughappylaughdancecrying

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May 12, 2021 8:33 am

hi, i'm rowan! i'm 13, nonbinary, and use they/them. i'm also asexual and a lesbian. my top three kins (not neccessarily in order) are kazumi mishima, kiyotaka ishimaru, and kousei arima. i'm getting into homestuck and i'd also like to play sally face. you seem really cool!!

May 12, 2021 5:41 am


my name is ava

im 13

im bisexual

my pronouns are she/her or they/them idrc

i have tiktok, its shhhavassecretaccount but the dms dont work on that acc so you can dm me on here

i dont rly kin but i hope we can still be friends

ummm my fav shows r stranger things, gravity falls (judge me all you want that show is fire), i cant think of stuff off the top of my head rn

i enjoy making fun of mako mermaids

thats all i have

May 12, 2021 5:21 am


My name is Axel

I'm 14

I'm En6y and questi9ning (pr9b grays*xual)

My kins are Kankri Vantas, Ethan Nestor, and Spencer Reid.

I n9ticed that we like m9st 9f the same stuff and was like "9h" s9

I d9n't really wanna put my s9cial media stuff 9n here 6ut if y9u wanna talk message me thr9ugh my pr9file

thats a69ut it I think-

May 11, 2021 8:25 am

@gAmZeE_mAkArA: i've tried that so many times, and it still won't work :,( thank you, though

edit: aaah this sucks

May 11, 2021 8:22 am

@B0X_0F_RATS: I hAtE tHAT iT gEtS rId Of ThE eYeS aNd NoSeS >((

i UsUaLlY jUsT hAvE tO gO bAcK aNd EdIt ThE cOmMeNt To AdD tHEM bAcK, tHeY sTaY tHeRe AfTeR tHaT!

eDiT: i WaS wRoNg ThEY'Re GoNE AgAiN >:::O((((((((((((

May 11, 2021 8:17 am

Hi lol :]

I'm Izzi :]

I'm 12, Agender [I use all pronouns], and a Lesbian :]

I apply for all the needed and a few of the wanted :]

Anyways I was wondering if you wanted to be friends cuz u seem like a rly pog person :]

My discord is nocturnalrootabega#1763 and my tik tok is @deep_fried_teruteru :]

May 11, 2021 8:08 am

hi !! i'm nayan or possum, i'm 13, bisexual, a trans guy, and i'm a dave strider kinnie,, i love homestuck and undertale so, so much, and i recently got into sally face, because my friend who's been a long time fan of it convinced me to (it's fantastic). i also really love all of the artists you named !

my discord is nayan/possum#9365 ))

edit: i keep trying to use the gamzee smiley face, but for some reason kandipatterns keeps getting rid of the eyes and nose, so that's what that thing at the end is

May 11, 2021 7:59 am

whats up im coda you seem pretty cool! im an agender lesbian! my main fandoms are homestuck, hiveswap, yttd, and idv! my fav music artist is the scary jokes and mitski. my highest kins are joeyclaire(hiveswap) hinako (yttd) nepeta(homestuck) luca(idv) and ig hajime from danganronpa but I haven't been in that fandom for awhile. my socials are on my profile!