dream SMP stuff!!!

ghostburkinnie 5/2/2021 06:23 am 191

tell me your fav ships (C! ships only!!!), characters, kins, songs, quotes, etc!


My favorite ships are dreamnotfound, skephalo, karlnap and technboo ! my fav characters are ghostbur (rip :C), wilbur soot, skeppy, technoblade, ranboo, bbh, quackity and dream !!! My biggest kins are ghostbur, technoblade, philza, ranboo and quackity. my fav songs are the L'manberg song, and Internet Ruined Me. The nation i stand for is probably Pogtopia,, I love L'manberg too tho ! for karl, i painted my nails black, pink and blue :D


Saddest quotes (aka quotes/moments that i sobbed at):

" t - tommy,, tommy ! You said I'd be okay Tommy !! TOMMY!! " - Ghostbur

" Proud of Wilbur for being a literal terrorist ? " - Ph1lza

" I did what ? wait, wait-- i blew up a,,, an entire nation ? " - Ghostbur.

" Phil, Once a traitor said, It was never meant to be. " - Wilbur


Funniest Quotes (quotes that made me wheeze like i was having an asthma attack):

" it sounds like I'm having a panic attack !-- *harmonic noises intensifies* BAHAHHAAH-- " - Wilbur soot

" there he is !! there's my favorite white boy !! " - Jschaltt

" did you once know I blew up an entire nation ? " - ghostbur


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May 12, 2021 1:27 pm

i don't rlly have any ships, but i'm a BIG FAN of beeduo, alliumduo, and benchtrio (all platonic ofc)!

my fav characters r ranboo, tubbo, ghostbur, tommy, karl, and vilbur!! (i find his character rlly interesting, i'm not an apologist)

i kin ranboo and ghostbur!!

my favourite quote is probably:

"what the hell did you do?" - ranboo

(there's a prize for anyone who can guess my #1 favourite character /j)

May 12, 2021 1:17 pm

I dodnt don’t REALLT have any ships BUT I’m a sucker for platonic aluminum duo (Tommy and ranboo) and crime duo (Tommy and Wilbur) because family dynamics make me very soft ! My favorite characters are Tommy Phil and Ponk

May 12, 2021 5:24 am

no quirk//

hello hello !! my favorite ship is dnf ,,,, but i do like the beeduo :]

my fav characters r tommy, tubbo, ranboo, wilbur, ghostbur(:[), n techno!!!

i kin tommy, tubbo, wilbur, ghostbur, n ranboo

i dont really have any quotes ive cried at, but i have one that i can remember i laughed at!!!

-"did you know apparently once i blew up a nation and k/lled everyone?"

probably more but i cant remember anyhting rn :']

May 11, 2021 11:56 pm

i luv karlnapity and the beeduo dynamic,, also clingyduo my beloved

uhh songs.?? internet ruined me,, and one day

-it’s been stuck in my head since it came out help-

uhh kins? i’m ranboo,, uh but my kins are tommy , ghostbur, and tubbo


“what the hell did you do?”-ranboo

May 11, 2021 8:57 pm

@gh0stbur: ALSO if doublez make u uncomfy please lmk and ill delete my comments :3!!!

May 11, 2021 8:55 pm


my fav shipz are awesamponk, foolsamponk, and karlnapity;; i dont do a lot of shipping in this fandom lolz. my favorite characterz r ghostbur, wilbur/revivebur, sam, foolish, puffy, niki, jack, fundy, and quackity!!! my kinz r wilbur/ghostbur, ranboo, fundy, and sam :3 my fav songz (smp/mcyt related) atm are one day by lovejoy, internet ruined me, your new boyfriend, and quackity's lice song XD

one of my fav quotez that i never see ppl use is when niki saw ghostbur for the first time and she was having a breakdown and she was saying something like "i am l'manberg" and idk if she meant to say that but i luv it sm;; it feelz so impacful and makez sense to her character :0

i also have a friend who kinz techno, schlatt, sapnap, and ghostbur hehe

May 10, 2021 2:21 pm

@honeybeecity: yeah yeah ofc !!! ))

May 10, 2021 2:13 pm

technboo is platonic right- (sorry i sound aggressive ive seen some weird people in this fandom)