thoughts on hello kitty?

bisexual 4/28/2021 10:03 am 216

i love hello kitty! i wanted to know yalls opinions on it. there arent any wrong answers but if you say you dont like hello kitty you are incorrect. i made a hello kitty purse panel and it would mean a lot to me if yall voted for it <3

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May 9, 2021 4:47 pm

1 l0v3 h3r! sh3 b4z1c4LLy r41z3d m3

( i love hello kitty she basically raised me )

May 6, 2021 1:25 pm

@tr4gg0t: ah. okay thank you. but that rlly sucks that they ruined hello kitty : (

May 5, 2021 8:38 pm

@inxxiety: ¨Performative activism is a pejorative term referring to activism done to increase one's social capital rather than because of one's devotion to a cause. It is often associated with surface-level activism, referred to as slacktivism.¨

yes it bad, and its basically being an activist for an ¨aesthetic¨ or ¨trend¨

May 5, 2021 7:14 pm

i love love loovveee hello kitty! i just hate when people hate fans of it :/

May 5, 2021 7:07 pm

i love hello kitty!! everything i had when i was little was hello kitty / sanrio themed

May 5, 2021 4:40 pm

hello kitty is best kitty

May 5, 2021 4:32 pm


May 5, 2021 4:31 pm

very cute! i have loved hello kitty since i was like 5, ((btw this is like a short novel so prepare urslef) i would always ask my mum to buy the special hello kitty marshmellows at the store, and pretty much anything related to hello kitty. however, i did kinda grow out of it when i was like 8-11 bc people at school thought it was rlly weird (rude >:l ) BUT my hello kitty phase was not over yet. one day i was at the store and i saw a hello kitty plush AND B E H O L D , MY HELLO KITTY OBSESSION HAS RETURNED-!!

Apr 28, 2021 11:21 am

@sanrioclinic: youre so right bestie

Apr 28, 2021 11:16 am

i love hello kitty but its sad that her character has been turned into a preformative activism symbol