Is there anyone else who sees themselves as nameless ?

CR1SS_CR0SS 4/26/2021 12:59 pm 292

I don't feel attached to any names, birth name, nicknames, other's names, they don't have any meaning to me.
it's not that I dislike being called by them, it's just that they don't resonate with me, there's no connection there.
To me they're seen purely as a way to identify that you're referring to me and not another human, it's essentially just a label.

I just see myself as a person without a name, a nameless human

Unfortunately names are are a necessity when it comes to communication, if something or someone doesn't have a name, people will come up with a nickname for it regardless
so I do have to go by something.

but internally I do not have a name

I was wondering if anyone else felt similarly

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May 8, 2021 5:49 pm

yes !! its like,,, im a genderless, nameless,,, enderman. let me just be a fucking enderman. nameless, genderless and not even real.

May 8, 2021 5:29 pm

YES OH MY GOD it’s so bad i feel like i’m not even real

May 8, 2021 5:00 pm

y e a h, after a while of searching for names I'm starting to feel this same way. Not entirely sure what to do about it :/

May 5, 2021 4:48 pm


i use to HATE signing up for stuff because i was required to put a name in, i would usually just put a space or a . BUT thEN i thought of the name inxxiety, and i havent gotten the feeling since then, so honestly the best think i can advise is; find something unique and 100% original for a name. (even tho it can be dificult, i mean, it took me 4 years lol)

not sure if this helps, but good luck!!

Apr 26, 2021 4:09 pm

oh yeah definitely i only use a name to make it easier for others

Apr 26, 2021 3:11 pm

Well, I don't feel like that, but I think I might be able to help you. You could try using your pronouns as a name. Obviously people refer to you with your pronouns, so idk why you wouldn't be able to only have people refer to you with your pronouns. I'm not sure if that would make you more comfortable at all.