Rant ab Favorite Things!!

n3onw0rmi 4/18/2021 05:20 pm 171

This is a safe, judgement free zone where you can talk ab your favorite things! Ex: Bands, Animes, Characters, People, Items, Shows and Movies, Etc!
I will be responding to all comments!! :3

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Apr 23, 2021 6:55 am

@Ear_Worms: Ahh! My best friend likes those shows too! The art style is pretty cool! I LOVE TIM BURTON MOVIES AS WELL!! I’ve only seen the Nightmare before Christmas a few times but I’ve seen Corpse Bride so many times! And those mask patterns would be so cool!!

Apr 22, 2021 4:55 pm

1 HAVE BEEN SUMMONED,...,.,,... and now 1t's t1me for me to lovema1l Wheatley from Portal 2. HGHGHHNNHGHGHJJH OGH MY GOSH...,,.... he's l1teraly my b1ggest comfort character and 1 selfsh1p w1th h1m!!!! We are 1n love H1s vo1ce 1s really n1ce, 1 love g1v1ng h1m hugs, and he's always there to l1sten!!! He's been an F/o for 2 years 1 th1nk? And whenever 1 th1nk about h1m a lot 1 start st1mm1ng so much!!!!

Apr 22, 2021 3:29 pm


So I am a huge fan of Hazbin/Helluva boss BUT above all those is the Nightmare before Christmas, oh my gosh I'm too obsessed. I watch it every Sunday afternoon, 52 times a year, for the past 4 years. But yeah I am just over-the-moon about the art style (German expressionism) . Anyways its sad to see the characters and set in pieces and in disrepair- the foam and latex are cracking and melting- their limbs are missing and colors faded. Just sad ya know. Some got repaired and now rest at an art museum in Texas I believe.

ALSO would anyone be interested in character mask patterns from this movie? I'd be more than happy to do that- Thanks for reading!

Apr 22, 2021 12:55 pm

omg omg omg omg okay!!! wilbur soot has my FUCKING HEART.

DSMP spoilers below!! you've been warned!!!


Wilbur should have lived. Philza was v stupid for killing Wilbur, if Wilbur just had more time not only we would get to maybe see a super cool getaway like Technoblade (since the L'manberg government most likely would have 3x3cuted him like Techno), we would also get to his villain arc, Wilbur would have had the best villain arc EVER in the smp, he would've been a better antagonist than Dream ik he would've. Since Wilbur started out as the kind-hearted, sweet one, to see him blow up an entire nation then become a villain would've been one of the best things for the SMP ever. If he JUST. HAD. MORE. TIME!!! People also tend to forgot the HELL Wilbur went through, first he was manipulated by Dream's government to blow up L'manberg, then he got killed by his OWN DAD, then when Wilbur came back as ghostbur, EVERYONE STILL HATED HIM!!! everyone was mad at him, and wilbur didn't know why everyone was mad!! Wilbur deserved not to die, and nobody should hate him. Wilbur was just trying to help everyone and all everyone else did was hate him. god i could go on forever about this man istg.