Oh look, Bunny can log into their acc! Wow!

Bxnny_boo 4/13/2021 04:25 pm 132

hi pals, I've been logged out of my account for so long and I'm sorry lol

Just a lot has been going on in my life, yk I think I have autism and ADHD/ADD and I'm gonna try and talk to my doctor abt it. I also found out that I'm a they/them (idk about actual gender identity yet, I might be a demigirl or nonbinary or agender.... probs not agender tho) And my name's Bunny! Uh, I've gotten a LIST of hyperfixations so ya have these.

Dream smp

Scene stuff




FOB (kinda)


SWS (kinda)

Wilbur Soot (his music, and video ofc)




Making memes out of EVERYTHING, I'm probs so annoying to my friends XD

Learning things (like srsly, tell me about your special interest/hyperfixations I wanna know!)

And that's pretty much it, hope ya'll have a good day! I'll try to be online more too. K, bye ^-^

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Apr 13, 2021 8:26 pm

hello there, you seem cool. It's nice you got back into your account! I hate when i get logged out of things.