FN@F g8ch8tub3rs?/ FNaF gachatubers?

le_cl0s3ted_p3rs0n 4/13/2021 07:08 am 137

@nyb0dy @ fn@f g@cha2b3r? m1ne 1s ra1nb0w gl1tch! 1'm l00king f0r ppl 2 $ub$cr1be 2 bc I n33d t0 w0rk 0n my AU @nd wh3n 1t c0m3s t0 th@t, my m1nd s@ys I h8v3 n0 1d3a h@h@

anybody a fnaf gachatuber? mine is rainbow glitch! I'm looking for ppl to subscribe to bc I need to work on my AU and when it comes to that, my mind says I have no idea haha

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