Ok so I’m making playlists....

d34d_em0_b0y 4/5/2021 09:42 pm 521

Ok so I have my Spotify linked in my bio and on my profile I have already made playlist for my friends Stella and Shana but I think I’d be cool if anyone wanted me to make a playlist for them. Partly cause I’m REALY bored and I loveeee giving people my music recommendations. So tell me what music u like and ur name and I’ll put it on my Spotify profile called “*someone’s name* playlist”

(Idk if this is stupid or not??)

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Apr 8, 2021 12:35 pm

THIS SOUNDS SUPER SUPER SWAG :0000000 if you wanna make me one i have a few playlists rn that r basically just a big boxa songs i like rn if that helps you !!!!!!! newest one, kandi one, kandi kid one, oldest one !!!!!!!!!!

Apr 8, 2021 12:34 pm

@d34d_em0_b0y: aa thank you!

Apr 8, 2021 10:40 am

thanks for the chance! im beetle/zero/frisk (i dont care which fghf), and im not exactly sure how to describe my tastes, but i listen to a lot of lemon demon, mother mother, vocaloid music, game osts, will woods, and babymetal-

its not finished since ive just used my liked songs as a playlist for years, but this gets the idea across jkfghdf- https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4lGzSNctk3mtlrYb...

Apr 8, 2021 10:31 am

@d34d_em0_b0y: AAA THANK YOU!!

Apr 7, 2021 10:25 pm

@d34d_em0_b0y: omg it's so great! Tysm! and haha no worries, i know it's a fairly obscure genre

Apr 7, 2021 8:59 pm

@Pancakeghoul: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1eHeMZqn9p8MEYE4sg25TI?si=dXdSSGUcR3O7Vwz4Q2Iajg feel free to add songs!! (Sry I’m not that familiar with glitch/weird core) I think the fact you said songs tat make you feel like dieing is a cool way to explain songs like that tho

Apr 7, 2021 7:54 pm

Oooo this sounds so fun!! Ok idk if ur still doing this, but I'd love a playlist! I have a ridiculously varied taste in music, but a lot of what I'm listening to rn is speedcore, glitchcore, and hyperpop. Some of my favorites would be all of The Quick Brown Fox, Don't Touch by Lil Mariko, mos thoser by food house, HURT by 1 800 PAIN, Up To BAT by thquib, SugarCrash! by EllyOtto, and Fighting With The Melody by Jimmy Urine. Honestly I mostly just like songs that make me feel like I'm gonna die just by listening to them if that makes sense. And if u can't find anything for that, I'm also into classic queer music, so ya know, Mother Mother, Will Wood, Tally Hally, The Scary Jokes, Glass Animals, Lemon Demon, etc etc

Apr 7, 2021 6:06 pm

@d34d_em0_b0y: thank you! I love it