friend application :#)

rigbytheclown 3/26/2021 08:00 pm 141

hi!! im pyro/rigby :) and uhh this is a friend application!! yea


supports blm, acab, all that stuff

is atleast 11-16. i dont like talking to adults :(

has discord/insta

likes atleast one of my interests


part of the lgbtq+??

is ok with me jokingly flirting/saying rude nicknames

yea thats it

about me :

im nd, non binary and queer. im also a minor fyi, and heres a few things about me!!

my main special interests rn are tf2, homestuck, and sonic (the video game LOL)

insta: invaderrigby / discord : pyro? more like ,, pee-ro#0431

pls understand that sometimes i take a while to respond due to school and mental health issues. ok thats it!!

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Mar 26, 2021 8:06 pm

I sent you a friend request ^-^