hyperfixation talk!!!!!

gelato_irl 2/2/2021 10:04 am 4006

i literally love hearing people talk abt what their into and why it makes them happy so pls do!!! i wanna hear what you guys like!! shows/games, how long you've been into it, how you got into it, ur favorite characters, anything!! spoiler free pls ofc <3!! 513b55c6de216_kao_happy.gif

personally im really into what my kins are from, and my kins especially... could talk for hours abt those funky guys!

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Feb 16, 2021 5:02 pm

im so upset to say this but literally f**king hamsters and kandi

Feb 14, 2021 4:20 am

I'm super hyperfixated on the magnus archives right now!!! It's a horror/tradgedy podcast and it takes place in england! The main character is Jonathan Sims and was promoted to the head archivist at the magnus institute which is an institute that looks into supernatural happenings and the archives is where they store statements that people give about their supernatural experiences!!! all of the characters and the writing and just everything is amazing!! it's also super diverse! Jonathan Sims is canonically ace and bi and a lot of the other main characters r queer too!!!

Feb 12, 2021 8:03 pm

I'm currently hyperfixating on X Men Evolution, specifically Toad. He's a funky little stink boy! His powers are literally just frog animal05and he's a little shit and I just love him so much. kao madbeating heart

Feb 11, 2021 7:35 pm

hi!! My current hyperfixation is Dungeons and Daddies: "NOT a BDSM Podcast, but rather a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast about four dads and their journey as their flung into the Forgotten Realms to rescue their lost sons." With a cast of the three creators of Video Game High School and Anthony Burch from the Borderlands 2 writing team and the amazing poet Beth May and new addition Jimmy Wong, small time actor and Freddie Wong's little brother

and all the characters in this podcast are just SO GOOD like I can't even explain hwo much I love all of them. I f I hadn't found this podcast I wouldn't have tried out or even considered the name lark, which is like- the most comfy I've EVER felt with a name and I love all the characters SO MUCH,. like Darryl is SO GOOD, Henry is so good,,, Ron so good,,,, Glenn is a piece of trash but he's my piece of trash, Joe-D is acceptable but on thin ice cause ew cop dad n o t pog, mr. wong but it's okay because Joe-D is supposed to be a hated character. And all the kids make my little heart feel so many things and they live so rent free in my head nad shjvbsjvshjd AH I LOVE THIS PODCAST SO MUCH

Feb 11, 2021 5:22 pm

hiii my hyperfixation is hunter x hunter... i just love the plot and the fandom is so fun! i love the characters and how well written they are. i LOVE hisoka. i think his way of k*lling people is so cool, and i think he is v hot,,,, i do not excuse that he is a p3do, that is not okay. at all. and kurapika is also v great, he is baby. ok but GON AND KILLUA, those two are my children. they r my kids. kjfdshakflds

Feb 11, 2021 5:20 pm

@r0ckzz: lol same, my name is actually frog lol

Feb 11, 2021 4:25 pm

omgomgomgomg!! i like bugz!!!!!! their cute and funky and i could hold them and let them crawl around for hours hehe..... and I do xD
I think I know EVERYTHING POSSABLE about mantises xD

my favorite insect is a europian praying mantis

some mantises have ears on their abdomen!!! its used to hear bats and they can curl up and drop to the ground to avoid them laughing

mantises can..and will use "take out" in all ways (all at once fffeighleb) kill...relationship,,,,,,and food

ik about most bugs and would love to learn more if u wanna learn of any hehe

Feb 11, 2021 9:14 am

HIIII!!! I luv seeing and listening to ppl talking abt their hyperfixations! Anyway I got into Death Note a few weeks ago and i am very fixated on it at the moment >

Imma rant lolz

So like I love death note its so engaging and fun to watch and i love the characters and I am fixated on the show but my neurodivergent brain fixated on L mostly :3. When I started watching, I knew L had habits bc I'm on tik tok and occasionally see tik toks abt him, but all i rlly knew was his iconic sit. As i watched more, I realized I had all of his habits. I- How. Like everything. So like jshjkhkshkd. Pls i just dont want to seem like the quirky im not like the rest girls. I dont know whats up with my brain, but he's so cute to me. Yes, I simp. *cartwheels away* So, yeah Idk its cool to see everyone else passionate abt their intersts DD

Feb 11, 2021 5:25 am

bro yes! id love to go on abt my hyperfixations :0 //

< homestuck - some spoilers regarding lil cal/caliborn >

homestuck has been my primary hyperfixation/special interest since august last year! i got into it around the same time i got into kandi, actually-- honestly the story was hard to wrap my head around at first but now that ive started rereading it the story is making a lot more sense. even if my favorite characters are kinda basic [the striders] i absolutely adore all the character. i could go on for hours abt the ectobiology, guardians & timelines, though theyre kinda spoiler-y so i wont share since this is supposed to be spoiler free! one of my favorite characters is actually beta dirk (dave's bro), even if he was a rlly bad guy in canon, i find it really interesting to look into how and why he is that way! especially considering [spoilers ahead of this!] the factors of lil cal and dirk's given personality and behavior. bro reflects what dirk could have been if cal wasn't "empty" in his timeline, and also if he never expressed how he felt. along with some interesting tidbits such as how we know the looking into cal's eyes can basically render a person insane/under caliborn's control, and that actually explains the whole thing with wearing shades, since it protected dave from cal!

hwiuahisk that was rlly needlessly indepth but hopefully its cool big grin //

Feb 10, 2021 7:15 pm

@demonrat: yooo i wish i could play VLR for the first time again. have a good time with it! once i finish my current longfic, and a longfic after THAT, ill finally be moving primarily to VLR. feels kinda sad lol-- i've spent YEARS with 999. but it'll be fun! i hope you also have a good time with ZTD, as... scuffed as it is lol