Genshin impact players????

Unknown_png 1/26/2021 03:26 pm 120

heyo i was wondering if anyone here played genshin impact, if so i would love to be friends on there! (I forgot my uid but I can add it in a comment to this thread later)

Who do you main and use for support?

any tips on lvling up xingqiu I'm planning on getting him for the stand by me event?

any tips on lvling up in adventure rank at all or just tips in general?

alright that's all for now but I hope we can be friends in genshin impact!

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Feb 8, 2021 1:00 pm

ahhh im so happy that there are some genshin impact fans on here!!! i love this game so much,,, im literally addicted. my uid is 619112256 in case anybody wants to co-op one day!

for my team: my main is chongyun and my supports are xiangling and xingqiu. i also use the mc but not as much as chongyun.

for leveling up xingqiu: just save a lot of the hero's wit material and u will be good!! also make sure to check his ascension materials too so u can save up on those. hes not that hard to level up and play as so dont worry too much.

honestly just explore and do daily commissions to increase ur ar. daily commissions are rlly good for increasing friendship rank as well so dont skip out on them!! also, honestly my only tip is to level up ur artifacts as much as you can. they make my life so much easier fighting bosses.

Feb 7, 2021 8:01 pm

oh hey, i was about to make this thread earlier! i also forgot my uid hh, but when im able to play again i can say if you'd like to be friends! i main amber, lisa, and xingyan, but also really want to play venti, sucrose and diona in the future-

Feb 7, 2021 1:50 pm

i main aether and amber (i use them the most out of all of my team) and if you wanna level up faster, make sure you do the daily commissions!! also, having a lot of teyvat fried eggs (and just a lot of food in general) with u is a big help in difficult quests and stuff