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beginner in need of help and assistance

lilmama204 1/26/2021 12:25 am 113

Hey everyone hope your work week is starting off great!!! Im a new at beading , its has been something ive wanted to learn for quite som etime, unfortunately we do not seem to share enough instructions, pdfs, videos and such. Im reaching out to this awesome forum for some just basic guides and super simple templates that im able to print and look at visually as thats the best way for me to catch on to my projects. I sincerely have a passion for ANYTHING of the arts and crafting nature and making others smile just with something so little as to create something of an image from their brain is the best feeling. Im trying to find an easy medallion to make for my son, and a lighter case ANY kind of stitch. I havent been able to find a simple pdf even on how to start any of my stitching off and how to end, i honestly find it hard to watch the videos as my attention for that is not long at all i like to read and get a memory bank of info learn the hard way hands on. If anyone can help it would be so much appreciated.

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