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underthestrawberries 1/25/2021 07:52 am 229

1 pr3tty much r4n 0ut 0f 4ll k4nd1 m4t3r14l5 4nd 1 w4z w0nd3r1ng wh3r3 sh0uld 1 sh0p 4nd wh4t m4t3r1alz 4re b3st t0 buyz (1d p3rf3r 4 cr4ft st0re t0 rec0mendz b33c4u5ez my p4r3ntz iz m4d 4nd w0nt l3t m3 sh0pz 0nlinz) || I pretty much ran out of all kandi materials and I was wondering where should I shop and what materials are best to buy (i'd prefer a craft store to recommend because my parents are mad and wont let me shop online)

(The translation is the one after the two slashes incase anyone cant read what I typed)

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Jan 25, 2021 11:19 am

any craft store can work really, even if you go to walmart they should have kandi beads, hopefully this helps laughing

Jan 25, 2021 8:57 am

dollar store! there's these cute pacifier charms and plastic baby clips!nyanko