adding TW's to tv

kuromi_oma 1/16/2021 01:58 pm 128

ok so i keep getting marked for spam when i add the link in the main so i will be instead copy-pasteing what i typed in the petition and editing in the link after posting if this dosent work ill try agein with just a post shareing friend codes for switch and if even that dosent work i will talk to crumpet and some admins TW's or "trigger warnings" have been important in media for ages, but there rarely added to T.V programs. as a minor i'm aware i can't do much, but i want to help as much as i can. my idea for how these may work is before the show a screen would read out "Trigger warnings for the following program consists of,__" some of the shows that would be affected could consist of, Law and order SVU, local news, Prodigal son, and most true crime/ history shows. these would not affect the main programing only after advertisement and before the episode these would air before all programing that could trigger anyone of any age, race, gender, or sexuality with the suicide prevention hotline for the area the show is airing. some of the trigger warnings could consist of, yelling/ loud sounds, sexual assault, child/ animal abuse. these trigger warnings are very needed and could help so many.

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