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Mista 11/19/2020 12:18 am 1118

So recently I've been watching part 5 and I'm just going nuts about it--
Does anyone else have a Jojo Self oc/Oc in general? If you do, I wanna know their name/stand name/stand abilities/stats!! Because I honestly just LOVE hearing other people's ideas for characters!
I just recently changed my Self Insert's stand name to Black Betty with the stand cry BAMBALAM!
I'm really really interested to hear other people's ideas!! kao tongue

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Nov 22, 2020 11:41 pm

I love JJBA so so much!!! I'm currently reading part 7 happy My highest kin is actually Secco!
I really need up update my "self-insert" but his name is currently Muse, stand name Bloom Later.
Designed to be in parts 4 or 5, Muse runs/lives in a flower shop where he grows beautiful arrangements and flower beds using Bloom Later! Bloom Later activates when he touches an ample amount of soil/dirt. He can grow flora at will,, but bigger, more complex plants (ex: a tree) take up way more time and energy. The usual speed of growth can be compared to Giorno's ability. His stand differs from most, as the plants it creates do not disappear, effectively giving him "infinite range". However, I still l consider it to be a close-proximity stand due to him needing to touch the area where plants are grown.
When he needs to defend himself, he uses rose vines shot out of the ground towards attackers. I'd say these are similar to how Yukako's hair functions in part 4, but obviously not to such an extreme degree. He prefers to tie attackers up with thicker vines in order to flee, as he hates bloodshed. This particular attack is named Kiss From A Rose.
Due to the nature of his stand, Muse is vulnerable in city-esque areas and heavily industrialized places in general. For this reason, he never likes to stray from nature, as his person is very small, feminine, and frail, often making him a target for harassment. He likes to stick to his humble shop and use his stand powers for bringing joy to others, much like Tonio!
Music refs include: the band "Muse", Bloom Later by Jesse Rutherford, and Kiss From A Rose by Seal!
Overall stats are in the works but I'd say... (PWR) D, (SPD) B, (RNG) N/A or A, depending on your definition, (PER) A, (PRC) C, and (DEV) around C or D

Nov 22, 2020 7:05 am

I used to be a super fan of jojo and if you know what type of jojo fan i am talking about then i was one of THOSE fans. But i still like jojo now that i matured a bit and stuff just not as much as i used to. I am currently on part 5 rn.

Nov 21, 2020 12:32 am

God I love Jojo so much, I'm only part way through part 4 and honestly I've kind of fallen off with watching because I spend too much time playing Leagueo Legends but part 2 is my favorite I love all the characters so much and I think the pacing of it is the best out of all the parts I've watched so far, part 3 just drags on for too long and part 4's story somewhat warrents the length but it's not the pacing I really like the most. As for characters, I've kind of got a concept for one, I don't have an OC but I have a stand idea. Originally I was calling her Observatory but I think that's what I'll call her move instead, so I'm considering changing her name to Tomorrow's Money, Boy Division, Desolation Row or Catch Thirtythree. She's very constellation based and has got one of those almost fish eye lenses that are in telescopes as one of her eyes that can swivel around, and has also got similar things in her palms. His body is humanoid and metallic with star chart-esque patterns crisscrossing all over and is kind of skeletal/modern-ish looking with smooth cutouts in her body. The power is more suited to reconnaissance than fighting, though it's still somewhat viable. She can zoom in on very fine details like print on a contract from very far away (I'm talking sniper distance) or microscopic movements that can indicate what the person's next move is going to be. The closer he is to the something the more he can zoom in on it, theoretically allowing her to view atoms if she's got the object in her palm, though it would take lot of exertion to reach that point since the size of it still makes it difficult despite her being close.

Nov 20, 2020 9:46 am

Asdjdjdj Im ALLLMOST finished with Diamond is unbreakable( cant wait to start watch GW!!), but I made an Oc for Part 5. His name is Tesoro Belavio, his stand is Badillac(yes the song by Togehter PANGEA)/ Badillac Requiem, Badillac's ability is cresting a smoke screen, restricting the enemy stands vision, as well as creating chains to restrict the enemy. Statsss: Range- B, Speed- A, Power- C, Durability- B, Precision- A, Potential- D. And for extra! Bdillac's Cry is GIAGIA! (Pangea)

Nov 19, 2020 7:52 pm

HAYYYYY my stand's name is cemetery drive (yes the mcr song) and i havent really developed the ability that much but i know its gonna be something about talking to the dead !! my girlfriend actually drew me and my stand for my birthday and its hanging on my wall rn lmao