Yo-kai Watch Perlers and Cuffs?

playfulnoise 11/18/2020 05:16 pm 258

Hi! I'm working on a cosplay of Fumi from Yo-kai watch and I want to just absolutely DECK OUT the fit with kandi. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of patterns available, just a small handful of Yo-kai perlers and one watch cuff. I am requesting more Yo-kai Watch themed cuffs and other kandi accessories, especially of Whisper, Jibanyan, and Komasan. Also I'd love if someone could make a perler pattern of Fumi's version of the watch (the pocket watch version). Thank you so much for your help and I'm so excited to put the cos together!!

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Jan 18, 2021 3:31 pm

Yessss fellow Yo-kai fan!!! kao love

I'm not sure if you've seen some of the patterns on Pinterest but I saw a few variations of Komasan and all different kinds of Nyans, hope this helps!