How do you feel when you're stuck using different brands and kinds of beads?

SC4N 12/18/2019 01:46 pm 795

Does it bother anyone else when you're going through your stash of beads, and you'd like to mix the two in a pattern (like transparent and opaque), but they're different sizes? Like, they're the same size... but maybe one is a lil thicccccer than the other. It's the same with colors! They look like they should be the same color, but one is just a tad bit of a shade off from the other.

I have a HUGE stash that's leftover from years and years. From people giving them as gifts, beads from random stores that don't exist anymore, brands of beads that don't seem to make the same quality stuff anymore, craft store beads, dollar store beads, etc... So, not everything matches up. I don't think it's 100% noticeable once you're wearing them, but I always feel a lil self-conscious. I'm not always sure how to work with them without making it look weird.

They're sisters, not twins! Don't look too closely at my beads! 513b55c71219e_kao_cry.gif

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  • Luci
Dec 19, 2019 1:43 pm

Honestly i got the same situation i like to think of it like "snowflakes" no kandi i make is alike to another.rainbowsmile