Fire Emblem?

EdenOfTheWild 5/18/2017 02:30 pm 375

Where my gamers at? Lol, I'm rejoining the kandi scene after a 2 year absence and I'm starting up again with all my latest obsessions. Beginning with, Fire Emblem my home game since the days of Blade of Light days. Now with Fire Emblem Hero app in order and the battle gauntlets in play and order I would've thought I'd see a lot more "Team --" in a fire emblem search. Turns out, I don't really see anything Fire Emblem related kao confused

The shock is real! Well, I was wondering if I were to amp up the Fire Emblem community maybe we can make a posh pit of mini sprites for this website! Let's geek up the place a little and bring forth our blades of glory!

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May 19, 2017 4:29 pm

I started with a few from Awakening
Super glad to get started, I choose my bae Lon'qu and tiny baby Ricken, I want to do Azama from Fates and Lyn From Sacred Swords
I might even take request! If you got anyone in mind let me know! <3

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