Different Kandi Trade. If anybody is interested,

GalaxyWink 4/6/2017 06:52 pm 947

Since i need Supplies, i want to make a trade -Kandi trade.
However I do not want Kandi in return at all. I just need supplies.
If your willing to make that kind of trade please let me know.
I am also willing to add Toys in the Package.

  • Acrylic Paint (Any color Especially Brown and pink)
  • Stamps Like ink or Molds
  • Beads that are NOT Pony Beads.
  • Glass Rhinestones
  • Empty Rings for Fingers lol idk the name
  • Tiny Rings
  • Pastel Chalk
  • Clear Glitter or Glitter as long as its not creamy
  • Bonus Kandi Will be Added: If i get Glaze i will add a special piece unto your package.

mario star I will try my best to make it as fair as i can. i DO have a selection to pick from, i haven't assorted it yet because its been a long time since i have done a trade. But whoever i trade with will have a selection to pick from, also you can ask me if there is a piece you want.mario star

peace I did a trade with someone and they didn't send my package.. So i do not trust. No matter how long we discuss things i will NOT send first. i am sorry.

(Please don't be disrespectful in the comments. Be kind) raccoon

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Jul 22, 2017 7:44 am

are you still wanting to trade?!

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