Kandi Bikini

BabyMoon 2/19/2017 05:14 pm 220

I'm new to making kandi but have gotten in alot of practice from making alot of masks to cuffs, I want to make a bikini for myself as my next project but I'm not sure what to use or buy in order to make it if anyone can give some advice that would be a huge help and I'll be complretely grteful

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Feb 21, 2017 9:55 am


I'm not a kandikini expert but from what I know and from what people told me you will need :

Pony beads (obvious)

Fishing line ( a non stretch thread)

A yarn needle (not a must-have but it will be faster to thread the beads with it)

A pattern (Whatever your intelligence level is I think it's necessary if it's the first time you make any crafty project)

I hope it helps