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TurboBeads 12/9/2016 03:44 am 549

Hey its Justin Bennett!

some of you may or may not know me...(That guy that makes bead videos
youtube [TurboBeads]) Feel free to add me as a friend! Ive had several request from others asking me to make payote stitch tutorials, peyote Flat patterns and 3d stuff, So I've decided I will start making these tutorials as well very soon, Either in January or Early February, Let me know if you are interested in this content?
Your feed back is appreciated!:
What kind of things would you like to see?
What do you feel the channel is missing?
What would you add to the channel to make it
appeal more toward you and your likes?

I have a pretty consistent upload schedule and plan to continue making videos for everyone. I am passionate about about bead projects and film!

Ive got big plans for this Channel.
I hope to have you all join and become a part of TurboBeads!

Feel free to show some support and subscribe,
Here is a link to go check out my Youtube Channel:

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