4 Year Old Dead Dog Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicky 7/25/2016 09:33 am 378

Ok. I need someone really good to make a sleeping dog angel with wings and the halo.

My cousins dog died and I want to make something nice for them to have a memory of her as an angel.cryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcryingcrying

Can someone also comfort me?

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