Major help!! Square Stitch/ Converting Perler Patterns to Cuffs/ Shifting(Sloping/Out of Place Beads)

GodspeedQueen 6/30/2016 06:40 am 516

Okay, haiiiiiii!!!!! My name is Vickkie-LeƄ, and I am new to the site here and also to making Kandi Cuffs!! If you ave any advice or tips you could give me I'd be most forever grateful and would also love to get to know you all!!!! So i have three questions for anyone who can answer or direct me to someone who might be able to or can answer them. First off, if there is a VERY specifically detailed or even just really easy to follow " Square Stitch" tutorial anyone has i would love to be directed to it as i want to advance my skills as a crafter and Kandi Cuff creator. My next question is does anyone here know how to convert perler patterns to cuffs? I need a tutorial or instructions on how to do that as well. My last question is, when you are making the Kandi Cuffs how do you keep the beads straight like, mine at the beginning of the cuff (for instance the area where the first bead is on the cuff where you tied the strings) usually become uneven or shift places and then they become unevenly sloping and then it creates a sort of "V" type of shift to where i cannot fix it, so my question is, is there anyway to possibly fix it to where i can make it even again or alter it so that it at least looks even? Because i would rather have an even cuff than a uneven shifting cuff that is small and does not look right.wacko sorry for all the noob questions but i thought maybe someone here could help me better than just searching on Google or asking someone who does not do Kandi Cuffs or even bead work. rainbowsmile PLUR to all of you my Kandi friends!!!

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