Contact perler for more mini bead colors!

majestic_mermaids 3/31/2016 07:17 pm 3447

I'm not sure if anyone is as obsessed with the new mini beads as I am, but if you've used them you might've noticed they don't come in the full selection of colors as the regulars! I contacted perler support asking if there were plans to add more colors, and this is what I got:

"Thank you for your email and for your interest in our products

At this time we will not be releasing any additional colors for the mini beads. I will send this comment along to our product development team for review. It is through our customers feedback that we are able to improve upon our products.

We appreciate your feedback!

Have a great day!"

So everyone has to contact them to let them know we want all the colors! Because I neeeeed all the colors. kao love

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Jan 31, 2017 4:02 pm

I sent an email last week and got a response today!happy


Thank you for contacting Perler!

We will have more color options for mini beads that will be launching in Spring of 2017. Please continue to follow us at for the latest releases.

We appreciate your business,

Have a great day!"

Aug 18, 2016 10:36 pm

I've been obsessed with the mini beads too!! I really want glow in the dark mini beads beating heart

Aug 18, 2016 8:11 pm

YES!! I love the mini beads as well but don't know why they won't make all the colors. shrug

  • Enya
Aug 18, 2016 7:31 pm

OMG I love the mini perler beads as well!!!! I hate that they're only basic colors so whatever I'll make will look kidish in a way instead of a masterpiece that I image in my head. What I did is bought the kit with the pizza on the picture to get a couple more variety of colors but they barely have anything. I wanted to buy more of that kit but my michaels store has been out of it for months and it sucksssss. I'm glad someone else is also as enthusiastic of them like myself happy How do you write to perler company? I'm not sure how to. Hopefully they will release more colors next year at the lastest since I'm crazy about them.