Young kids/Non Kandi makers??

Laurel 1/20/2016 08:03 pm 1588

I'm not trying to call anyone out, but I'm just wondering what people who don't make Kandi think if all the people on this website...

Like, there are some... younger kids, on this website, like they only use it for perler beads or something, and I will see them say something on a post and say something to argue that makes like no sense...

And then there are people on this website who use the patterns for cross-stitch, and I think it's really rad.

But for the people who see the cuff and the peyote patterns with drug terms, with drugs on them, with cuss words, with all these things that "aren't appropriate ", what do you think?

It's probably a really dumb thing to be posting, but I really want to know what other people think from a non Kandi making perspective shrug

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Feb 2, 2016 9:00 pm
@lacrossegirl15: @HoshiNoKaabi: I never said I dissaproved of these patterns, I think it's fine that people want to create content like this and share it with others.

I'm 15, and I know people who are my age, and a little younger who do dumb stuff like drink and smoke weed. I don't want to, I don't like that they do, but I'm not going to reject them as a person. If their mouth is dry, I give them gum or something to drink. I help them with their side effects and dizziness and all that jazz to make sure they are okay even though they are tripping out.

Some of the kids that you go to school with now will end up doing things like drinking and doing drugs.

As for people who are reading this who do drugs, do what you want, it's your body.

Jan 23, 2016 7:16 pm

@lacrossegirl15: @HoshiNoKaabi: while i do commend you two for being responsible let me maybe get something out there that might help give you a better grasp of humanity

I am 21 years old working overnight retail at walmart, I see kids as young as 2 roaming the store at night. however normally i get kids in the 10-19 range and you have not lived until you've got a 10 year old calling you all sorts of profanity because you told them not to climb on the tire racks and then they try and film you with their phones so they can go tattle on you since the video won't show them climbing the shelves. or you've gotten phone calls asking for many adult fun time items in size extra small or extra large from groups of giggling girls and boys who in the case of the boys their voice hasn't cracked. or when i simply hang up they callback and call me fowl names not knowing they're speaking to me and demand to speak to a manager because the "b that answered the phone hung up on us and treated us bad"

also bra's are not inappropriate i am not sure what planet you are from but bikini tops (waterproof bras without any support) have been acceptable beachwear for a long while and i've seen plenty of women running around exercising in my subdivision only in sports bra's and shots in the summer.

as for Weed while medical marijuana has only recently become a thing, and given the nature of this site we can argue that slim to none of those patterns were made with that in mind. one still can argue that there are parents giving medical marijuana or the thc oils to their kids, teens or even themselves because they are seriously ill and it's possibly the only thing helping them. (also i know other drugs are featured on this site and for the most part the other drugs are a part of raver culture thats been with them since the early days that some used and some didn't)

within any generation there is pop culture and that is what makes this site's many patterns niche groups and pop culture groups. using logic of drugs, cuss words and bra's are naughty and shouldn't exist is a slippery slope, Deadpool thrives on non pg-13 content should we pull his patterns because deadpool is not for children because people can and will (in some cases successfully argue) that if it's there kids will look it up. How about alice in wonderland because the writer loved taking pictures of little girls (note writer was from a different time and while not as creepy or wrong still was a little weird) and while the original disney movie paints a picture of her falling asleep and waking up (many people argue Alice is insane and thats how she views the world while others argue it's a drug trip gone wrong.

"THE most banned book (collectively) of the 21st century according to theAmerican Library Association– the Harry Potter series; the first four books are, as a group, at #7 for the most banned books of 1990-2000." "Aside from scholarly debates on its literary merits, perhaps the most notorious criticism comes from fundamentalist American Christian groups contending that the books promote witchcraft, Satanism, and anti-family themes. They also claim that the movies “subconsciously market a new belief system on the viewing public.”

Jan 23, 2016 3:19 pm

I've always tried to limit the content as much as possible so that inappropriate content is only visible to users over 18. Unfortunately, my recent (and ongoing) illness has prevented me from moderating the content, so some less than acceptable content has gotten through.

Keep in mind though that membership-wise, this site is ONLY for users 13 and older. @lacrossegirl15: If you are 11, you are violating the terms of the site, because when you joined it asked your date of birth. You must have lied about your birthday in order to join. That means I have grounds to delete your account. You should not be a member on here. This is not a kid's site. You are allowed to browse the site's content, but you are not supposed to have an account.

If you spot any other accounts on here that appear to belong to kids, please report them to me because they really should not be allowed on here. It's a legal responsibility. It's the same reason that Facebook/YouTube etc only allow 13+

Jan 22, 2016 10:33 am

It's site owner's choice, they apparently think it is okay to be on their site. While not everyone does it, it is a part of the culture for people who wear/make them for raves and so on.

Jan 22, 2016 5:33 am

@HoshiNoKaabi: I know


Jan 22, 2016 2:13 am
@lacrossegirl15: but bras arnt inappropriate


Jan 21, 2016 5:22 pm

I totally agree with you.

I'm only 14, and I only use this website for Perler Bead patterns, and whenever I look around at other people's patterns, I see things with cuss words, drugs, alcohol, and all these other things that would be inappropriate and offensive; things that younger kids shouldn't see or hear.

Goodness knows why those patterns were accepted in the first place.

Jan 21, 2016 2:19 pm

I really do agree with you I use it for perler beads and I surf channels and I've found bras, swear words, drugs, and lots of other innapropriate things plus I'm only 11