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Crumpet 6/8/2015 05:53 am 643

As some of you probably noticed, the "Add a Video" feature has been broken on the site for quite a while. YouTube changed the way their video retrievals work so I had to update the site to use their new methods. I've uploaded a test video (of my dog) and it seemed to work okay for me, but if you have a kandi-related video you'd like to share, please go to Videos on the navigation bar and click the pink "Add a video" button and see if it works for you. The video should also appear on your profile.

I also added an improvement to the "add a video" page: it will now grab the name and URL to the YouTube channel that posted the video. So if you post someone else's video they will still get credit, and if you post your own, you might gain a few subscribers.

We also had a lot of videos that had been deleted from YouTube and no longer worked. From now on, if you try to view a video and it's been removed from YouTube, it will be automatically removed from the site.

I'd still like to make better use of this feature but for now at least "uploads" are working again.

To those of you who aren't familiar with this website feature: it lets you embed your kandi-related YouTube videos on the site and your profile. You go to Videos > Add a Video and paste in the URL to the video, then the site grabs its title, description, thumbnail etc and gives you a chance to edit the title/description and which category it goes in, and then it gets published to the site. All videos have to be hosted on YouTube because our server cannot handle video uploads

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