Unimaginably Violent Inhuman Rage (not serious)

InkclawXwX 6/2/2024 09:37 pm 158

I have to, no, NEED to say this. I have been dying to say it

People that romanticize and UwU-ify James Sunderland are the shit on my shoe and the gum in my hair. I HATE people that give him the Leon treatment and say he just a little cutie that did no wrong;they are the WORST people I ever seen,met, and talked to.
And if you play/ watched silent hill 2, you would know why he doesn’t deserve the good boi treatment. That’s preserved for good bois , not human waste514c8a1d7bf21_w06.gif

That’s it

Time to crawl back into my hole

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Jun 3, 2024 2:09 pm

.... i completely misread that as james somerton and got sorely confused on why you started talking about silent hill. based off of the skim i did of a wikia, sounds real and tru tho w07

Jun 3, 2024 10:00 am

@InkclawXwX: bro i thought it was a real person u were talking abt kao cry

Jun 3, 2024 8:43 am

James Sunderland and Lying Figure - Silent Hill 2
this fucker
I hate him >:0

Jun 2, 2024 9:45 pm

idk who that is but I trust your judgment/gen