Vocaloid fans: opinions on Project Sekai

ChaosTheClown 5/29/2024 08:59 pm 238

(btw i’ve only finished Nightcord at 25:00’s story)

honestly, it’s ok for me. i was really exited at first because i LOVE vocaloid and here i can play a free vocaloid game! but now that i understand it more it’s… ok513b3952760e7_sad2.gif

i do think it is a creative idea. the characters having their own little ‘world’ they can go to, and then discovering their true feelings. that’s pretty cool. but on further thought, the vocaloids being there just seems like an add on of some sorts?

and honestly? i mainly play it for the actual rhythm game part, the rest is just weird ig… what do you guys think?6309fa1989c7f_blue.gif

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Jul 4, 2024 3:29 am

it’s my current obsession lol I love it so much laugh I found it through vocaloid and I think all the characters are really well done, especially the vocaloids, none of them feel mischaracterised blueblue (Also kanade is sokao lovekao lovekao love

Jun 28, 2024 1:17 am

I wanna play start playing it but it doesn't work on my phone and I'm not good at rhythm games I've only played the demo for project diva and parapper the rapper 2 lol eyeroll(i know nothing about project sekai)

Jun 26, 2024 6:06 pm

i dont pay attention to the stories, but from what i get from skimming through them, i think the game as a whole is pretty neat. cheer

Jun 26, 2024 4:53 pm

im quite literally obsessed with it, my friend got me into it last year and i've loved it ever since, i'm pretty good at the rhythm gams and i love reading the stories kao happy

May 30, 2024 7:55 am

i originally saw an ad from when it was releasing in japan that featured nightcord and i was like "oh that's cool" and kind of just forgot about it afterwards

i started playing in it september of 2022 (or somewhere around that) and to this day i can not get invested in the stories for the ocs because i honestly just don't care w15

like, i'll read the side stories for the vocaloids but that's kind of as far as it goes with that for me. i don't hate the characters or anything but i just really could care less about them compared to the vocaloids because that's what i play for

but yeah tl;dr i basically just play for the rhythm game aspect and the vocaloids

May 30, 2024 5:03 am

I don’t really read the storiez lmao but the rythm game part iz fun

May 29, 2024 10:56 pm

im also just there for the rhythm game and pretty KAITO art + KAITO covers of stuff . i literally never bother actually reading stories bc im a grown man so i dont feel like investing a weird amnt of attention into teenagers