k4nd1_qw33n 5/4/2024 09:16 pm 425

I just got bullied so bad for wearing gear in public.


So basically I was gearing at a skating rink and I wore a mask and tail. I got some compliments and got barked at ( I barked back.) but then I got called furry. I was like ok? I went to the bounce house area and started bouncing (obvi) then the kid who called be furry and his friends followed. They yelled furry at us and push us onto a soft thing. My friend left and I continued skating. I went back to the area. They followed me again but this time with a girl. I sat in a corner and watch tiktok. They frickin found me!! They started yelling furry at me and call me sl0rs. It got so bad I thought they were gonna physically hurt me.


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May 8, 2024 3:46 pm

(someone can erm say if I'm an the wrong here)

but why do furries and therians like wear there gear in public if you know ur gonna get harassed or bullied? like I support therians and furries but isnt it just better to like ur hobby from ur safe place instead of going out and getting harassed constantly? blush

May 8, 2024 7:38 am

it's so easy to... leave people alone who arent hurting you?? im sorry people suck

also i agree that this is Harassment and Very Illegal!!

May 8, 2024 7:32 am

One time, I wore blue wolf ears for halloween and some random ahh iPad kid went up to me and said "YoU gOnNa BaRk FuRrY??"

May 7, 2024 7:22 pm

OH IM SO SORRY! I know how it is to be scared when wearing gear out, just know, they are probably to much of wusses to actually hurt you, bit if they do you can get them in legal trouble! I'm again really sorry that happened.heart bounce

May 7, 2024 5:28 pm

I’m so sorryz sad2 BARK AT THEM!!!!!!

May 7, 2024 5:26 pm

i fr hate how much hate furries and therians get- like, a friend of mine brought a dino mask to school and there was a whole crowd surrounding our table at lunch.. AND AN IMAGE OF THEM ENDED UP ON A VIRAL VIDEO. like, that's exposing our location and we're minors that's illegal crying Idk if the video's been taken down or not but like it was made by a transphobic person

(ok I kinda rambled too much there I dont mean to make this all about my experiences, i've just been needing to rant, so basically, long story short don't bully people thumbsup)

May 7, 2024 4:13 pm

@RoryMakezKandi: lmfao…laugh

May 5, 2024 3:00 pm

ok but the fact they brought another person just proves ur so kewl they needed more people !!/pos beating heart

May 5, 2024 2:43 pm

that's pretty concerning, hope they were reported for harassing you like that sad

May 5, 2024 12:06 pm

Those people were jerkz, just ignore them! furries/therians are kewl in their own right, they're just boring people who can't understand that stuffz that isn't normal is cool!