Tell Me About Your Ocs!!!

Xo_Ghost_oX 12/4/2023 02:11 pm 189

I really enjoy hearing about other people's characters and want to know abt your guys's Ocs! big grin

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Dec 9, 2023 5:19 pm

oh oh oh !!! heres some oc info because yes ;;;

crowley hellraiser - crowley has brown eyes with a reddish tint to them and pale skin . he has long and fluffy brown hair . he is often seen wearing dark blue ripped jeans , a tank top with his bands logo on it (black ink) , and black converse . sometimes he will wear a jean jacket overtop his shirt . he has top surgery scars on his chest as well , though they are starting to fade . he has demon horns and a tail .

aj foxglove - aj has very pale , almost white skin . he has long dirty blonde hair tied back into a ponytail . he usually wears red jeans and a black tshirt with his bands logo on it (he and crowley are in the same band) .

sylvia lustra - sylvia has pink hair that comes to just above her shoulders . she is often seen wearing round pink tinted sunglasses , which she barely takes off . she usually wears a black crop top with some lace detailing on it and a skirt . she has horns .

++ crowley and aj are best friends , they have a band together called " black ink " .

++ crowley plays guitar

++ aj sings

++ sylvia uses she / it pronouns

++ crowley is transmasc and uses he / him pronouns

++ aj is a vampire

Dec 9, 2023 4:32 pm

@belleoftheballnchainz: so cool !!! kao love

Dec 5, 2023 6:09 am

WELL. so i have this silly little comic im working on called marybell township :] basically i turned the normal album into some characters and a story :]

-first is host, the "villain" of the story. he's a tv head guy who basically convinced satan to give him his own little realm to do as he wanted with. so he made a suburban town full of torture and broadcasts the crazy goofy violence to all of hell :]

-then elijah, who is convinced the voice in his head telling him to push kids into traffic is God, and therefore must do it. real free spirit otherwise.

-aldridge is a victorian bird guy who's a doctor. his whole thing is "what makes a bad person bad?"

-shanda is a model from the 90's-2000's who has lost who she really is because everyone she worked with and also her bf pressured her into changing herself often, and drastically. they kinda took advantage of the fact that shanda was questioning her gender, and like just ran with it. now shanda has no clue who she is. all she knows is she's not a big fan of it. her arc thing is going to be like, letting go of norms and such, and just being who she is, not anything in particular.

-august is the son of rich midwestern tech people and decided to rebel against them by making terrible decisions.

-gala is a scientist and her whole thing is "do you know the difference between blazing trails and slash and burn?" she's kinda like aldridge but what she did was worse.

-zango is a daredevil dude who does crazy things to distract from his mental issues.

-marsha is his "therapist". she's not a crazy southern housewife who wants to experiment on him for evil purposes! not at alllll...

-elem was a very popular popstar, whose managers forced him to push their beliefs onto his audience, which didn't go well. especially cuz elem is trans, (closeted while he was alive) and doesn't want to tell his listeners that they shouldn't be who they are just because it's not "normal". his thing is basically, "do i give up fame, and be hated by everyone, but be myself, or continue hurting people and lying, but be loved?"

YUP THAT'S IT :] (memento mori isn't really important to the story, so i left her out)

Dec 4, 2023 7:15 pm

have an oc that sorta looks like a cross between that squiggly entity creature from the backrooms and a skeleton. theyre made of fiberglass, wear big ol goggles made of copper, and have digitigrade legs big grin

they don't really have a backstory since I use them as a selfsona and giving them their own story feels weird shrug

Dec 4, 2023 6:24 pm

Forest fairy pony named meadow wishes, based off of mlp g1 morning glory! Her cutie mark is a dandelion and her talent is wishgranting/good luck similar to MLP g3 skywishes <333

Dec 4, 2023 4:54 pm
Dec 4, 2023 4:50 pm

my metal family oc can mimic almost any voice!!!eyeroll

Dec 4, 2023 3:39 pm


Dec 4, 2023 3:10 pm

Lilly Black, Harry Potter. Daughter of a vella and sirius black. In jail most of her life is thought to have help her father get information. In fred and georges grade likes fred and george can tell fred and george apart. and "Stole" some things from the Potter's house the night of the fire including the parents wedding rings and a photo book.