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Will you ever make an app???

ItsWhatevs 5/22/2014 07:30 pm 2372

I soo NEED ONE!!!!

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May 23, 2014 3:02 am
This is a duplicate question but I haven't answered it in a while so I will answer. It's on my list but I have to prioritize. Right now I am working on a brand new version of the pattern maker which will work on touch screens and has lots of the features which are missing with the current one (like a fill bucket). The desktop sized version is going to start testing with a small group of people within the next two weeks. Once that's working I will redo the interface for mobile, but even the desktop sized version will work on mobile. After that I will be completely updating this site - both the look and features - because it's very outdated. I already have a lot of the work done on that, in fact I was almost ready to launch it at one point but then I decided that I hate the design! Third is the app. The app is last because the steps before it will help shape the app. If I'm not able to make the app by myself, I can hire a programmer and use the previous things as examples of how the app should function and look. Just so you know, I am only one person. I often say, "we" when referring to the site because there are mods as well, but I am the only one that runs the site. We are not a team of programmers and we only have one server. So it's not easy for me to create apps and add all the features that larger sites have. It might seem like apps are really fast and easy to make because everyone has them, but when you're one person, it's a LOT of work. You have to learn an entirely new programming language - two if you want to do both iOS and Android. Asking me to make an app is kind of like me asking you to write a book in Japanese (or if you know Japanese, a different language that you don't know). You might want to do it, and might be able to do it, but you need to learn the language first so it's not easy. You also have the option to pay someone else to write the book, but that's expensive. Remember though, like I said, I'm currently working on a mobile-friendly version of the pattern maker and site. So those will come much sooner than the app and will probably solve a lot of your problems if you can only use the site from a mobile device.