Problems with tying knots

majestiffy 4/10/2014 07:06 pm 2239

I'm new to this so be patient with me. For some reason I can't tie my singles off. I bought stretch magic size .7 mm. No matter how many or what variation of knot I try, nothing will stay. It is really irritating me. Is it because the string is maybe too thick or something? If not can someone please recommend a better string please

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Apr 11, 2014 3:20 am
Yep, it's definitely the string that's the problem. You can see my personal recommendations for string here: Plastic string (especially stretch magic) is hard to tie, stretches out over time, and snaps easily. It's okay for some things, like peyote charms and other things that need to be quite stiff like outer layers of 3Ds. But for singles and cuffs that need to be stretchy, you should be using cloth covered elastic string something like the kind you can see on my recommendation page above, 1mm minimum width. Lots of kandi makers successfully use Stretch Magic, however if you talk to the kandi ravers who have been making kandi for years (like 8-12 years+) almost all will tell you that Stretch Magic doesn't last and that good quality cloth covered elastic lasts longer.