Food suggestions for patterns

Bloodborne 6/8/2023 04:45 pm 258

I lovecolorsFood/candy patterns soooo PLZ TELL ME CANDIES OR FOOD OR DESSERTS TO TRY N MAKE SOME PATTERNSalienalienalien

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Jun 9, 2023 10:21 pm

Tootsie roll charm

Cake slice perler/charm

Cereal box bag

Logos of fast food chains as perlers/charms

ice cream charm

Steak bag

idk rainbowsmile

Jun 9, 2023 6:08 pm

Airheads! Or maybe just like a bunch of ice cream flavors like sherbet, strawberry ya know! kao big grin

Jun 9, 2023 4:01 pm

pizza!!! happy

Pho laugh

key lime pieee

Jun 9, 2023 11:30 am

@Cas3y_yippee: Kraft Dinner bag!

Jun 9, 2023 11:15 am

Instant noodles cup,chicken nuggies or Mac&Cheese! cheer

Jun 9, 2023 10:33 am

Gummi bears, lolipops, macarons, boba, Reese's Pieces, m&ms, Life Savers, Kinder Egg, Peeps, Skittles

Sky Bar might make a good cuff pattern.

Jun 8, 2023 5:50 pm

sour patch watermelons

Jun 8, 2023 5:08 pm


Jun 8, 2023 4:57 pm

maybe something inspired by this lil cake? it's supposed to have little heart candies on top colorfulhearts

Jun 8, 2023 4:56 pm