what kandi patterns should i make?

bunston 6/4/2023 11:26 pm 179

ok so ive got a bunch of ideas but i dont know which to pick first!!! please help X oP
here's what ive got so far:

  1. Petal Crash icons (each character, including secrets, with both P1 and P2 colors)
    i have the perler patterns themselves planned out, just not in the pattern editor yet. this is likely the one that would take the most time bc there's like 30 things to make total. might also try and make some other Petal Crash stuff afterwards
  2. Blaseball
    : o(
    i feel like it'd only be fitting to make patterns as a memorial to one of my favorite things of the past 2 years ending so unceremoniously. at the very least an incinerated idol icon and a recreation of the RIV design on Blaseball Cares. after that i'd do team logos, some of my favorite players, and then make a thread for others to ask for Blaseball-related patterns
  3. OC
    because i want people to be able to know my blorbos at least a little bit. definitely gonna lean towards making Spellblaze and Oxford Labs patterns, but might also do some for my fun nameless gang and others
  4. pride
    i'd probably set up a thread for flags to make, since i dont know what all yall would want. i'd start with the standard well-known ones before that though
  5. one of my niche fandoms
    patterns may include but are not limited to: Escaped Chasm/Dweller's Empty Path, FATE (computer dungeon crawler series not the anime thing), Sparklecare, Awful Hospital, Jane and The Dragon, etc. etc.

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