Why does my mermaid look like this ?

normal_investigator 5/20/2023 09:11 pm 440

I've used fishing line, plastic elastic string, and finally yarn. (which is what this one is made of) I can't figure out why it keeps stretching out. ? Why can't it just look normal when you hold it up. cryingscaredif you've made bead animals before pls helppp55f36a54e149667bf157a8d42f1d75da.jpg

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May 23, 2023 5:30 am

try tightening it more, and i use thicker plastic cord which helps a bithkphone

May 23, 2023 12:10 am

i usually tighten it real hard when i make kandi, it helps - arachno

May 22, 2023 8:11 pm

i have a worm on a string flat charm and it does not look like this, maybe its because mine uses less beads which makes it less heavy but maybe you didnt tighten your string enough? i've never worked with any of the string you listed so im not entirely sure shrug

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May 22, 2023 6:08 pm

thats just kinda how they are sadly, there's not much you can do about it :/

May 22, 2023 4:08 pm

@Phosfate: ye they do have tooth picks in them, it helps it straighten the beads but it still droops and doesnt look like a mermaid when u hold it

May 21, 2023 12:44 pm

Turbo/Jason's thing where you insert slit straws or toothpicks might help (visit turbobeads on YouTube and check hiss Hello Kitty charm tutorial), but I'm still learning this stitch and at the shouting @#$% YOU!!! stage.

May 21, 2023 12:15 pm

@normal_investigator: nope. you can probs just find otherr ways to display it that dont make those gaps?

May 21, 2023 11:40 am

crying@tylerr: does this mean i have to use square stitch for all of it shock

May 21, 2023 11:07 am

from my experrience thats just how ladderr stitch is, and yeah its rreally annoying.