How do y'all stop your cuffs from breaking

InkKebab 5/18/2023 05:41 pm 973

mine are always so fragile and I can't tell if I'm just using bad string or I'm doing something wrong kao cry

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Jun 6, 2023 7:07 pm

fir me i js use yarn

Jun 6, 2023 2:16 pm

@50_shadez_of_green: In this context it's when plastic/elastic breaks down over time. Causes can be stress from stretching, rubbing on a bit of bead that happens to be sharp, heat, dry air, age, etc. It's the way a plastic toy starts to feel old and brittle even though it's solid, or a pen in the back of a drawer feels weird, or scotch tape can go yellow and breaky. Plastics can change color, turn rubbery, stain green from an internal wire bendy frame, etc. Some vintage brunette Barbies develop bright orange hair. Manufacturers are better now at making things that don't degrade, but since cord is made to stretch and move, it's more prone to breaking down.

Jun 6, 2023 12:01 pm

if you are using clear string then switch to fabric-covered elastic. i get mine from the dollar tree and it is an great amount for the price and has never broke on me.rainbowsmile

Jun 6, 2023 11:21 am

I don’t know the thickness of it but I use fabric coated string and a double square knot happy

Jun 6, 2023 11:06 am

@50_shadez_of_green: basically it gets dry and brittle and weak over time so it's more likely to break so the elastic cord with fabric is just better in my opinion

Jun 6, 2023 11:04 am

@InkKebab: YES IT IS big grin (sorry i took so long to reply i'm doing exams rn T^T)

May 19, 2023 9:12 am

It might be the string, if its to flimsily or weak, that's maybe why (I use less heavy & less ticker string for singles, but for cuffs, you should use something stronger because more beads = more heavy which is why they might be breaking, but I used only plastic string, so I don't know much about fabric string.)

You also might not be fighting enough, when I made Kandi, I didn't use a lighter or anything, You should try about 3-5 knots at least

May 19, 2023 7:40 am

@peachy: ..

wait what is dry rot????

May 19, 2023 7:07 am

thicker string, i use 'sgetti string,' which is very nice to work with. as @KandiedKanes suggested, melting the knot with a lighter, then using clear nail polish helps. and using a box knot, and knotting at least three times

May 19, 2023 5:29 am

@peachy: TYY, also is that a muse dash pfp :O