dump your spinterests and hyperfixes (please keep it pg 13! dont break the rules >:( )

bambistep 4/24/2023 06:20 am 15415

hi im bailey and my biggest spin rn is slenderverse, fnaf (and fangames) + the wolf album by tyler the creator (bhd wolf) AND BALDIS BASICS OMG happyhappyand im very hyperfixed on welcome home (I LOVE HOWDY), jrwi bitb nd thafnineee :33

tell me about yours!

(i have more linked on my rentry! .co/puppetgut)

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Feb 12, 2024 5:57 am

SpIn = fnaf, batman, crafting, and fashion (and maybe hello kitty)!!

hyperfixations = kandi (i count it as hyperfix bc its very specific kind of crafting), cosplay, funkyfrogbait YT videos, slimecicle and markiplier content!!! (and dan n phil content)

im sure theres more but thats all i can think of (for now) tbh confetti

Feb 11, 2024 10:15 am

splatoon has been a special interest of mine for like 4+ years i love it so much kao happy i also have a sp / in in sanrio , mogai / xenogenders , and witchcraft & crystals !! kandi is a recurring hyperfixation for me and im also currently fixating on the walten files a bit { i was so hungry for 3 years and the new episode revived the hyperfixation kao mad }

Feb 6, 2024 10:27 am

Currently hyperfocused on my sims 4 modding. I did just order a bunch of beads tho so I may be starting to make a bunch of kandi again!

I love all arg and lore

Feb 6, 2024 10:25 am
@T0X1C_K1TT3Nz: ooh i like quads too big grin
Feb 6, 2024 10:25 am

(copy n paste from a previous post where i infodumped :3 ) TW: lots of caps, v10lence, religion, death, abandonment, mental illness stuff, fire, uh yeah this is just messed up <333

WOOH OK YEAH CAMP HERE AND THERE :0 so like,, there's this messed up little camp in ohio, (kind of like wtnv) and the nurse dude/absolute trans KING named sydney is trying to sort out this pink elephant (TEM/elijah) dude who's been spooking campers and counselors. his co nurse, jed doesn't think that TEM is real, and at first neither does sydney, but then TEM comes in and eats sydney's pet worms D: noooooo!! so sydney kind of has a breakdown bc jed doesnt believe him and thinks he's kinda crazy :[ jed also doesn't spend time with syd anymore, which hurts him a lot cuz theyve been friends since forever, and also syd has abandonment issues. there's crazy stuff w penguins, british twinks not doing their work, trans guys scared of the sky, trans girls bodyslamming dudes in elephant masks, "alpha males" and scene girls fighting over dumb stuff, and just pretty tame batsh1ttery :] then sydney gets lost in the woods and actually has a conversation with TEM. he tells him that he needs jed's journals, they're kind of like a bible to him, and also syd is the god in TEM's religion, which makes him feel weirdly happy bc he's finally getting "love" so he agrees to steal the journals. jed catches syd stealing the journals, tells him that theyre dangerous, and hides them from him. sydney then meets TEM again, and says he didn't get the notebooks. TEM is disappointed, but syd vows to try again. he then has a spooky dream with a self cannibalizing demon twink named up and adam, who talks about syd's issues, and makes him eat bugs. he also tells him where the journals are, and the next day (?), sydney goes into the tunnels, gets lost, and ends up finding them. jed is more distant, and at this point, syd doenst even really care, and is a bit rude to him. another thing that drove them further apart was jed somewhat yelling at syd for oversharing personal and/or scary things on the campwide announcements, which he cant help cuz he is um. a bit neurodivergent i think :3 (he cannonicly is borderline, has psychosis, is physically disabled and autistic, so yeah) ANYWAYS, sydney gives TEM the journals, but WOOPS! the misbehaving cabin of kids unleashed a plague of nightmares on the camp to distract everyone from the fact TEM is kidnapping sydney :0 jed hears the commotion and finally leaves his office, looking for syd. the delivery men who were there to drop stuff off said they saw him, and in order for jed to know where he went, he has to admit that syd is hot (well he is apparently :\) jed takes off, and finds sydney unconscious and tied to a burning pyre made of stolen stuff by TEM :0 OH HEAVENS NO! (i think the silliest part of this is that in a stream b4 that episode, the writers said TEM was good at barbeque cooking ????) TEM fights jed and then starts reading from jed's diary :[ waah :[ in short, jeddie is a pathetic little... HIGHLY DANGEROUS CRIMINAL??? WHAT? yeah sydney is dead and um jed probably killed him. but he got better soooo... yeah. TEM starts having a heart attack because the journals have a weird effect if ya read them (jed warned syd about that) (also the journals killed jed's dad sooo...) jed slaps the evil twink dude, and frees syd, who then pushes TEM off of the pyre, where he gets captured. sydney is then taken to recover, and jed tells him everything, including that he's in love with him <3333333 AWWWW SO CUTE <3333 they both promise to do better, and sydney is going to work on forgiving jed. TEM is super mad, also jed tried to k1ll him by reading the most important parts of the journals to him. this was also to test if they'd hurt sydney. TEM escapes, no idea where he is. all the campers go home, and um yeah that's S1 :3

Feb 6, 2024 10:18 am
@Skrot: I love jack stauber too! whats ur favorite song by him?
Feb 6, 2024 10:17 am

@T0X1C_K1TT3Nz: Welcome to the TOH fandom! Im a big fan of DHMIS (still a lil new lol) and COD, Halo, and LEMON DEMON!!

My current massive hyperfixation is Halo rn!!

Feb 6, 2024 10:01 am

scp.. i am the only fan ever i’ve been into it since it first started up i’m literally the og

Feb 6, 2024 9:00 am

Warrior catz, MLP, quadrobics (like the sport that some ppl do), drawing, catz, kandi, TOH (I'm new to the toh fandom), plushies, and stickerz!! :3

kao tonguetbh confettitbh jumptbhcranegametamakittyseesaw

May 8, 2023 9:19 am

boosting this once more happy