Read between the singles: a chat behind the philosophy of kandi.

Nightlink650 12/19/2013 10:59 am 845

I love thinking about this, just the meaning behind it all, i feel like kandi and overall raving is us trying to hold onto that nostalgic child-like wonder we've all experienced, to me, I think that explains why selling kandi from the culture perspective is looked down upon. You would never in a million years sell your charzard! Well...not unless timmy would trade you for his holographic mewtwo :) So lets talk. Why DO you do what you do?

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Dec 20, 2013 8:05 pm
Very true. Every time i go to an event, i feel like I'm home, I'm with family, people who don't care to judge, yet the opposite, express all of the pent up fears and thoughts you can't express anywhere else, were always here, with open ears and open arms, and kandi may be the phisical representation of that, kandi may just be plastic beads and elastic cord bit even the greatest poet could only express themselves with ink and paper. Were here only for a short while, and if you fall, you'll have an army here to help you up. Anyone else care to express?
Dec 20, 2013 4:19 pm
Every minute goes by so fast...thats why you have to make it count. (Random quote I thought would be good for this topic. XD)
Dec 20, 2013 1:05 pm
Beautiful, my story is very similer, my first trade tought me so much, i do the same, i make a few elaborate cuffs specificlly for people who are just getting into it, i love asking to trade and seeing the sad face of "But i don't have any!" But i try to trade for anything, a lighter, I've gotten a shoelace, oh once i played rock paper scizzors with a group of people ( none of them had kandi) so in the middle of this huge crowed i played for like a half hour, some won, some lost, it was fantastic. As far as selling them is concerned, I'm all for charging just for beads, in my eyes that's really not even charging, its simply breaking even, I've done that a few times for close friends, and its not the same mindset as charging 19.99. poetry is traded, art is sold. Over all i completly agree with your point of view, its art and poetry expressed through friendship. I've always wanted to do one of those long distance mailing trades, if your interested, feel free to message me! I'd love to hear other peoples storys as well, first trades, why you trade, most enoyable trades/give aways, etc Peace and Love!
Dec 20, 2013 10:36 am
I feel like making kandi is a symbol of friendship, even if you trade someone you've just met for a second. It's like, "Hey, I spent time out of my day making this, and I like you, and I want you to have it." I used to sell kandi, but I would never sell singles, and I would only charge for the price of the beads and that was it. I feel like as a raver, it's your job to make your singles or other trader pieces. If you just buy a bunch of singles and give them away, it's kind of like cheating. You didn't spend the same amount of time/energy on the piece as the person trading with you did. When I sold kandi, I would only sell 3D's, epics, large cuffs, masks and the more elaborate, because I know that some people don't know how to make kandi. Whatever I charged was whatever it costed me to buy the beads, I never charged for labor. I had quite a bit of business, mostly from people I knew and trusted, and even almost 2 years after I've made them pieces, they still have them and treasure them. I always specified, however, that my pieces were NOT made to be traded away, that what I made for them was a piece that was supposed to be treasured. I stopped selling kandi when someone who placed an order with me said (on twitter, to someone else, I just happened to find the conversation) that she didn't 'understand kandi' and just wanted it because 'everyone else has it and I don't want to feel like a loser without kandi' and that she'd probably end up trading them away anyways. I understand that it is her choice to do what she wants once she has my pieces but I was still really upset because I feel like that's taking a cheaters way out. I contacted her and cancelled the order and then took my facebook page down and reconstructed it into a page celebrating kandi/rave life. I know I might get raked over the coals by some people who have a differing opinion from mine (because I still make and sell pieces to my friends who want them) but I don't care, everyone is allowed their own opinion and I feel like a healthy debate is good. In regards to WHY I make kandi, I do it because that is what first got me into raving. I had always liked EDM but I'd never actually been to an event. When I got there, a girl walked up and asked to trade kandi. But since I didn't have any, she got really excited and taught me how to PLUR trade and gave me my first piece of kandi, and I still have it 4 years later. I feel like kandi is kindness, it opens doors to new conversations (I traded someone a MLP themed kandi, and she understood the reference right away and we talked for quite a while!) and new friends. I've encountered my fair share of rude 'kandi' kids, who won't trade you something because your kandi isn't pretty enough or you don't know how to make big epic cuffs or whatever, and I feel like they're totally missing the point of kandi and raving. I always try to make a couple of cuffs specifically to trade at events, and I try to find someone who doesn't have a lot of kandi, or a cuff and give it to them, to help start their collection. I can honestly say that the kindness of the first girl who traded kandi with me (and EDM) saved my life and gave me something to love. I do agree though, I get incredibly happy when I see a kandi with toys or references to my childhood. I have a bunch of Animaniacs, Transformers, TMNT and Pokemon toys to put on kandi, and I always love getting kandi that reminds me of my childhood. Thanks for posting this, it's an incredible way of getting to know more people who are seriously interested in what I am. Namaste!