How to recover access to an account if you lost your e-mail

nepeta 3/24/2023 09:38 pm 479

Hi, good evening everyone.

Is there a way to contact Crumpet privately?

A year ago i made an account that I was going to gift to a friend who didn't had internet access at the time. The issue is that I don't have access to the e-mail associated with the account and mostly never will since it's a Protonmail adress (resumed: if you lost your protonmail account and you don't have any of the preset recovery methods [case here] you can't enter anymore)

Since i can prove that the account is mine by telling the e-mail adress linked to the account, I wanted to know if this is enough proof to ask for a password recovery, hence why i'm making this post, thank you beforehand.

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Mar 31, 2023 11:17 pm

@Lyric_Lol This may help (This did help my other friend tho THANKS)

Mar 25, 2023 3:04 am

It might be enough if the account clearly hasn’t been used for a while and/or other details on the account match or are close, like the device you’re using and location. If there are any social media links on the profile, you could also verify it by changing something on one of those profiles. Message me with the account and email address and I’ll have a look. You can message me like you would with any normal user - by going to my profile and clicking the message button in the left sidebar.