tell me funny stories from anything, i need to be cheered up rn

cL0wN_k1TtY_ScoTTy 3/23/2023 11:51 am 136

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Mar 24, 2023 2:06 pm

When I was like 4 I took dance lessons like some kinda ballet thingy- ig? Anyway, at one of the recitals, I decided to start breakdancing because I was jealous that the older kids got solo thingies. Everyone was doing elegant ballet (not that 4 year olds are very elegant) and I was doing the robot. My mom has this on video, and it is hilarious. I knew what was going on and how to do what the actual dance was but I just didn’t feel like it

Mar 23, 2023 6:38 pm

here’s some

1. one time I was trying to hold a fart in 2nd grade and then just farted so loud and went to the bathroom and cried of embarrassment

2. I used to have this Elsa doll and I hated her so much I kicked her everywhere and one time I hit her and her plastic face hurt my hand and I started crying and I got so mad at her but after that day I never saw her again

3. some girl had these crocs and she took them off and started wiggling her toes, I wanted to die /j

4. My dog just started becoming an area to put your feet because it gives her back scratches

5. someone started messing around and then the music teacher had enough and started a little rant for like 10 minutes

kaboom dobe

Mar 23, 2023 3:09 pm

one time in kindergarten i locked the bathroom stalls and climbed underneath so they were locked without anyone in them, and the teacher said that she was gonna “pull the cameras” and that whoever did it was gonna be in big trouble. i was so scared i couldn’t sleep, the next day i walked into school petrified that i was gonna get in trouble but she never found out it was me.

Mar 23, 2023 1:35 pm

@holdmymilkbud: ngl, my dumbass self would do the samerainbowsmile

Mar 23, 2023 1:34 pm

during an all school assembly I ran into the handrails when I was walking down the bleacher stairs. Than I proceeded to do it back on the way up. rainbowsmile

Mar 23, 2023 1:00 pm

@kitten4haida: once i farted super loud in 5th grade during silent reading n then i started crying lmao

Mar 23, 2023 12:51 pm

I have a very dark brown bear named Hobhouse. He's one of those lies flat on his tum bears that TY used to make. I often take him in my carry-on when I travel. Once we were going through bag-n-person X-ray and the poor scanner operator shrieked like she'd found a possum in her car. Poor Hob was at the very top of my unzipped bag, and the lighting made his eyes glitter like there was a real animal crammed in there. I made him apologize.

Mar 23, 2023 11:57 am

@kitten4haida: lmao- im sure so many other people has attempted to do that & failed miserably- but its funny so like-

Mar 23, 2023 11:55 am
@kitten4haida: idk if this is gonna make you laugh but everytime i fucking fart i think of this and start laughing like there was no tomorrow.kao sad
Mar 23, 2023 11:54 am

one time i tried hiding a fart in class so i though "okay i have to cough and fart at the same time i can do this" i farted so fucking hard not even my cough could hide it, it was so fucking loud istg the other side of the world heard it. kao cry