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kandi numbers

Rox33 10/20/2013 02:14 pm 3962

you know when you want to see the numbering on a kandi pattern to help you make it? yea, well some of the patterns i click comes up without the numbering on it. Is there any way i can fix that? Is it like a glitch or something? plz help, i cant make kandi without the numbering

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Oct 20, 2013 4:35 pm
The only patterns that have numbers on them are the kandi cuff patterns. If a pattern doesn't have numbers, it's either a perler bead pattern, a mask, a tie, a charm, or a flat panel. My guess is that you are clicking onto flat panel patterns. Those are too large to be cuffs, and that numbering scheme only works for cuffs. In the future, I do plan on letting people add numbers to panels as well, but I have a lot of other things I need to do first.