How would one get a checkmark?

P1nkGh0st 1/14/2023 05:07 pm 229

I'm not currently in a position of where I would need a checkmark, but if I wanted a checkmark, for the purpose of verification (I'm thinking maybe one day I'll make a kandi youtube channel), would I just email @Crumpet?

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Jan 15, 2023 10:31 am

@Crumpet: Oh, that makes sense! Thank you for the reply!

Jan 15, 2023 3:06 am

Sure, message me. So far I have only verified particularly well-known kandi creators or mods who I’ve had personal communication with or can easily verify through other means, but I’m open to verifying other creators who have either an active kandi channel, or a significant non-kandi following (let’s say ~50k+) to where people might want to impersonate you. I’d also verify celebrities and public figures if we ever had any on here (doubtful that would happen) laugh

Depending on how easy it is to verify that it’s you, I may need you to post a comment addressed to me on one of your YouTube videos and link me to it, or something like that. I won’t verify an empty channel though because I don’t see the point in that. It’s going to mislead people into thinking you have content. Please build up a few videos first, maybe at least 5 kao smile