Ways to help with anxiety^^

NotTheRealKizzy 1/14/2023 02:50 pm 252

TWsadmentions violence) Ayo so I’m an anxious person and I do ur everyday normal anxious stuff but recently I’m having a bit of trouble. I have this little frog he is like the size of my palm and he is weighted and I keep him on my leg and stuff he helps me feel calm. Unfortunately my school has banned stuffed animals (and the teachers have called me out on the frog) because of dumb people who ruined it and I lowkey hate them because Ik who it was and they fake all of their problems and drag a ton of people down with them and brag about how they have dated a very not nice person who has a pew pew in an educational setting (but the person never did it). ANYWAYS what should I do to help with the anxiety during school^^

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Mar 7, 2023 10:54 am

bring a sharpie with you to doodle on things, thats what i do. i drew across my whole arm once.

Jan 18, 2023 10:36 am

I like to write in my palm--like trace out letters or symbols or something with my other hand, I find myself doing it a lot when other people are talking, and I don't know why I do it, it's kind of a habit I guess. It probably sounds dumb ;^^

Jan 18, 2023 10:16 am

I know I'm pretty late but I have a worry stone that helps a lot! it's basically just a small rock/crystal with an indent that you can rub !! tinybat you might be able to find them in nic nac stores and maybe gift shops?shrug

Jan 18, 2023 5:21 am

for me i listen to music (like a happy tune like nyan cat) and chew some gum and draw!tbh jump

Jan 18, 2023 4:27 am

@Crumpet: Ahh I didn’t know they made vests I’m going to have to look into that thank you ^^

Jan 18, 2023 3:31 am

I have a mindful breathing necklace which is like a small straw. You take a deep breath in (without the straw), hold it in, then exhale through the straw. You do this repeatedly and it calms you on a physiological level. You can also do it without the straw by pursing your lips as if you have a straw, but I find the straw is more fun and effective. Like most things, it doesn’t help everyone and it’s not going to help much with severe anxiety. It’s just one small tool kao smile

If you are calmed by deep pressure (sounds like the frog was giving you pressure), you can also get wearable pressure vests that go under your clothes. You can get some that are like thin compression fabric, others which have Velcro straps, and others which inflate (but the inflatable ones are expensive). I have an inflatable one and it saved me so many times. Luckily, I haven’t had to use it for quite a while now.

Jan 17, 2023 5:59 pm

Listen some music get some fidgets it helps me or just draw and scribble sometimes i fidget with my hands that helps me i hope that helps <3

Jan 17, 2023 5:55 pm

I use music, these fidget rings I got from amazon ....also something that has helped me when ever i have really bad anxiety i start feeling sick so i take medicine named pepcid it helps with upset stomachs and feeling sick....also I like to fidget around with my kandi bracelets if i dont have my fidget rings...hope this helps and i understand how you feelheart bounce

Jan 17, 2023 5:41 pm

what i do is get one of those teething/chewy necklaces!! chwing on it helps me relieve stress and make sure i don't bite my nails or skin. i also like to chew gum, but many schools ban that so that might not be the best choice. i also listen to music while i do my work. my school blocked spotify and youtube and stuff, but a youtube proxy i use is invidious.io!! :3 kao happy i hope this helps!!

Jan 17, 2023 4:33 pm

@jamboscrimblo: thank you those are good ideass