Who or what are you ocs inspired/based after?

XxFuN_gH0uLxX 12/4/2022 05:52 pm 298

I’m just curious on who or what y’all’s ocs are based after!
here’s mine lol

  • Rylan -oddly enough Flippy from Happy Tree Friends, also Eminem?
  • Oliver- Oli Sykes and my uncle
  • Kurtis- Scott Pilgrim, both the song and the comics, not sure how to explain it she just is
  • Valentine- This one very specific scene chick I saw one day forever ago, I don’t remember her name though
  • Roxy- IC3PEAK

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Dec 7, 2022 7:31 am

princess - princess by devi mccallion

toromi - tomoko from watamote, serial experiments lain, lucky star, nd breakcore music?? weird mix but it makes sense to me kind of?

funfetti - sparklecare hospital, old candyg**e art i had on my ipod touch when i was little

meretrix - my friend's oc ray! we originally just had them as 2 people in the same universe and they never meet but it changed the lore and they're siblings now so thats cool. i made meretrix bc i thougt ray was cool lol

Dec 7, 2022 4:49 am

most of my oc's for a specific story im writing are based off undertale characters bc it was originally an undertale au, so like asriel became CJ (and hes the main character) i cant rmbr the others rn tho

Dec 7, 2022 2:07 am

most of my ocs just ~are~ but the ones that arent are usually music or cool clothes i find. specifically ive been "writing a book" for three (four?) years now just bc i heard the song born for this by the score :')

Dec 6, 2022 7:28 pm

I have one oc (my pfp)

His name is Wilbur/jack and he’s who I want to be.

He has short brown hair, and dresses in kidcore style

He also acts how I would want to act.

Basically, just who I wish I was

Dec 6, 2022 7:00 pm

real people in my life with a few things added or taken away- with just a splash of either mental or physical health w34

i have one that I'm super proud of that's basically me but its a genderbend and a bit more hardcore... also they have more daddy issues-

Dec 6, 2022 6:53 pm

Jala wasn't really inspired I was just kinda stumbled upon a drowned skin on the skindex and edited it a bit and then I had a free period at school and I drew her and a lot about her. Riley was kinda inspired by Patrick Bateman and this idea floating around in my head of a rabbit fursona but they're part of a subculture where the typical clothes and attitude is a bit more rough than what you would expect from a rabbit. Ramona was inspired by Riley because I couldn't decide if I wanted Riley to have long hair, be a girl, wear crop tops, and skate. My solution to all those questions is just make another character. Ramona is Riley's twin and that is my excuse for them being so similar.

Dec 6, 2022 4:03 pm

my 4th grade self insert oc was just how cool i wanted to be at that time and my current oc I've had for a year or so and she's inspired by what I wanna be, alice cullen, and zeke von genbu

Dec 6, 2022 4:00 pm

I have kina matching of ish one is syrus wich is based of fire and red and the other is Lena based of water and is blue.

Dec 6, 2022 3:21 pm

kao confusedidk the name of my oc yet but hes inspired from klaus from umbrella academy.

Dec 6, 2022 10:55 am

one of my ocs are inspired by the only house thats not on fire (yet) by lemon demon, my axe by ICP and they’re coming to take me away haha cover by sloppy jane (i think thats the artists name)tbh confetti