can you add beads to a finished cuff? / make your cuff wider?

koinu78 11/30/2022 05:17 pm 313

hiii! is there a way to make your kandi bracelet longer? x_x some of mine are uncomfortable going on or tight around the wrist & i don't wanna remake my cuff.

i think theres gotta be a way, i just can't find it.

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Dec 26, 2022 8:46 pm

since everyone is saying u would probably have 2 remake it if u don’t keep them you could sell or trade them! even though u said u don’t want 2 keep them u may be able 2 find something similar or something u like better. i hope u can find a solution though!

Dec 1, 2022 12:00 am

you would wind up having to remake the cuff from scratch because if you want to make it wider then that means you have to go down to the base which means that you need to cut the string at the base which would mean that you have to restart it

Nov 30, 2022 10:11 pm

i think it would be kind of difficult, but depending on the type of cuff you can possibility cut each individual row & tie a bit of new string connecting the cut parts together? you would first tie one side, put some more beads on if you want, then tie it together to the other side. not sure if that makes any sense lol, but that’s how i would go about doing i

Nov 30, 2022 7:14 pm

hi!! so bad news, i think youd have to remake the cuff sad unfortunately i dont think there's a way to add beads to a finished piece

I had the same problem with cuffs being too small, so I've started making customized patterns that were longer. but the good news is that you CAN make longer cuffs that fit more comfortably!! good luck 2 u !! love