Flight Rising Kandi

renjaminnifer 11/11/2022 09:36 pm 238

hii i've been mega into flight rising again lately and i wanna make some cuff patterns, plus maybe some charms or singlets. here's my lil list of ideas, plus if u have any u'd like to see, lemme know!

  • A cuff for each flight, with the colors and symbols and all that
  • one with my flight rising sona on it, would be a lil annoying to do but would be worth it in the end!
  • mini charms of the flight symbols
  • mini charms of the dragons themselves??? perhaps?? i am not a pixel artist but i could try
  • singlets with each of the flight deity's names

my flight rising is renjaminnifer, just like my username here! i love making friends happy

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Jan 31, 2023 1:15 pm

gahhhh yesss omg flight risinggg (also I yes def wanna see them if u do end up doing them