Stuck just making cuffs, flower cuffs, & ladder stuff (like worm on string idk what you call them)

KannyKitty 6/26/2022 01:30 am 236

(sorry for misspelling-)

i have 2 questions.

1, what do you call like the wrom on string kandi things and like the spiders and lizards n stuff- so far i been calling them ladder stitch bc im not sure what they are so yeahh

and 2 So- i want to start making peyote or masks and more cuffs, but there just kinda not my thing ig you can say?, bc when i make peyote stuff its hard and confusing and sortda not fun even tho i REALLYYY want to make stuff like that (i think its bc of the stretchy string im using-) And i rrly want to make a kandi mask but there lowkey confsuing for me again- bc for me i dont understnad things quickly so like kandi toy box's tutorials r hard for me to understnad if im being honest but perlers r easy for me bc i can just look at a image and count(sometimes re count bc i forget easy to ) - so what should i start on or what should i do in genral??? bc im just lowkey stuck :/

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Jul 4, 2022 11:17 am

hello there! first i think the worm on a string is a ladder stitch. second, id look up VickyMuffins on youtube for some tutorials. they have the best tutorials yet. quick, short, and easy. hope this helps ^^

Jun 26, 2022 10:21 am

If you want some simpler tutorials, I would check out VickyMuffins!

I can get really confused with directions easily, but this channel has really helped me with that. I just think its a great channel to start with w33

Jun 26, 2022 10:00 am

i struggle with that stitch too! also with following patterns and such. one thing that i find helps a bit is saving the pattern to my device and putting it either in to a drawing program like ibispaintX or similar—or if you can’t do that on your device, in any photo editing program including the one built in to the device—and marking each row, either alternating colors (pink, green, pink) or a different color on each. it makes it easier to not have to drop a row (or three lol) from one mistake. dancing tree

Jun 26, 2022 8:11 am

for beginners turbobeads has some rlly good tutorials!! he goes over each step multiple times and explains what to do rlly well. so does vickymuffins! just look 'em up on youtube kao yesbrite sun

  • 13Killz
Jun 26, 2022 5:59 am

woah u just reminded me abt flower cuffs thx

Jun 26, 2022 5:37 am

oh for the second thing i can help maybe :')

so like you don't have to do the peyote stitch bc its like kinda hard

you can do multistitch! just find a tutorial on youtube and its really easy!

also for the mask im using this tutorial tutorial ( safe !! /srs)

ok lmk if you need any help big grin

im kinda a beginner so xD