How to connect the pieces for a kandi purse (peyote stitch)?

gothles 5/14/2022 02:22 pm 128

Hey! I've seen a bunch of cute patterns for a kandi purse and I wanna make them, but I can't find tutorials on how to connect the pieces/assemble? Any help y'all?

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May 17, 2022 12:09 pm

some patterns come with everything attached, but if you have one thats separate, you just need to sew the interlocking parts with your cord. depending on what stitch you did, some sides will have beads that fit together like a zipper, and you can feed the cord through the beads that stick out. the other sides will be flat against each other, and for those you can feed the cord down the join going through a bead outside in, then through the inside of the bead thats going to be connected to it, and down to the next set of two beads (picture a square zipper, thats what youll be doing down the sides youre attaching )

May 17, 2022 11:50 am

ginger kand-e has a tutorial on their channel!!! i hope this helps!
part 1 - making the panels: How To Make A Kandi Purse (Part 1 - Making The Pannels) - YouTube

(i skipped the tutorial that says how to add more string, as theres other tutorials out there for that!)

piecing them together: How To Make A Kandi Purse (Part 3 - Assembling The Purse) - YouTube

final part: How To Make A Kandi Purse (Part 4 - Attaching A Button And Flap) - YouTube

If you mean the more messenger bag style ones, i'd just assume you weave the pieces together like a normal peyote cuff!

again i hope this helps you!! w02